Dead Sea – 10 tips you should know Before you visit

The lowest place on earth, nominee for a place at the 7 wonders of nature, the Dead Sea which is actually not a sea, is one of the places  you must visit especially if you travel to Israel

 I’ve traveled there recently for the first time and I really enjoyed the unique feeling of floatation.

I’m posting  some useful tips I wish I knew before traveling to the Dead Sea :

  1. Best season to travel to the Dead Sea is not Summer! Cause of the dessert around and the super salty water, the temperature is high in Summer. For that reason  & autumn are the best seasons to enjoy the Dead Sea – plus you can find better deals in hotels 😉

   2.  DO NOT TOUCH your eyes! Trust me, once you put your body into the salty water, you will get so excited from the unique feeling of floatation that you will definitely gonna splash your face or the face of the people around you.  The salty water burns once it touches your eyes so you need to be very careful and calm with your movements inside the sea.

3.  Salt can damage your jewelry! My advice is to remove them before you enter the water

       4.  Make sure you don’t have any open cuts as they will hurt a lot once you get into the sea – or if you have and you still want to go get in, get  ready to hurt a bit 😋

         5. Wash off with clear water your swimsuit & anything else you put inside, like your GoPro for example, as soon as you get out. The salty water can damage your items

     6. Preferable  wear black/dark swimsuit, especially if you are planning to put the mug on your body, as the mug can stain your clothes

      7.  As an advice – try definitely the spa of the area. As a tip – prebook an appointment as they can get very full especially in high season

    8.  Avoid shaving right before you travel to the Dead Sea! Try to do it a few days before your trip as you can end up with a very red & itchy skin

 9.  Do not postpone the trip for later. Scientists have announced that the Dead Sea will not exist in 50 years from now

 10.  If you can, combine the Dead Sea trip with more activities around the area such as Masada (ruins) or Jerusalem.

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