Travel Zanzibar – 7 Things to enjoy

What’s the first thing comes to your mind when you hear ”Zanzibar“?

For me, it was beaches. Beaches & newlyweds.

I don’t know why, but I always thought Zanzibar as a honeymoon destination.

I traveled to Zanzibar in June, not for a honeymoon 😋,  but with my travel-girlfriend.

It wasn’t a destination that was in our bucket list, but the tickets were cheap & the flight short enough (From Dubai with

Below i suggest you  7 things you can do in Zanzibar, with your friends, your partner or even solo.


  1. Connect with Locals – My favorite thing to do in any destination! Locals in Zanzibar are very welcoming people and familiar with tourists. Don’t let the language difference stop you from communicating with them

2. Snorkeling – Zanzibar has coral reefs that are worth to see, especially in places like

Mnemba Island & Kendwa Reef.

   3.  City tour – I usually do not prefer the city part of an island, but Zanzibar city has a variety  of things to do & see such as the Stone city  which it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site,

The old Slave market, Museums & the local market -where you can find spices in very good price & delicious local street food.  Also, you can enjoy a nice sunset there

  4.  Prison Island – It’s an island that doesn’t have what you expecting to see. It takes 30′ with a boat from the city center, and you will find there giant Sea turtles  & a park full of Giant Tortoises. The ride with the boat is very enjoyable & you can rent a private one for less than 20 dollars

   5.  Dolphin swim – In Zanzibar, you have the opportunity to swim with wild- free dolphins out in the sea! It was my favorite moment of this trip. The only minus in this is that there is a change there will not be dolphins the time you are there, that’s why you have to go as early as possible.

6.  Beaches  – Zanzibar is full of long sandy beaches, where you can do a lot of things besides swimming & suntanning.

You can do horse riding, jogging, long walks & of course taking nice photos, which I really love doing as most of the beaches there are never crowded and sometimes you have a feeling you are totally alone


   7. Hotels – It may sound weird, but hotels are a place that you can really enjoy & create memories. Zanzibar has a lot of boutique hotels owned by locals, in which you can taste local cuisine & experience local hospitality. The one we stayed gave us all these, and I really recommend it.



It doesn’t matter what you will choose to do. What matters is for you to choose to do something!

“Life is short and the world is wide.” 



Useful info :


Tour guide: Moh’d Khamis / tel : +255777509906

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