Tourists VS Travelers

Most of the people don’t really know the difference between these 2.

They often use the word Traveller referring to a Tourist & the opposite

Let me tell you 5 major differences between a Traveller & a Tourist which I noticed from my travels.

 1.  All in hotels 

Choosing to stay in an all-inclusive hotel is something Tourists do. Travelers prefer to live in more traditional accommodations in order to feel more connected with the country they are visiting.

2. Chain restaurants 

Eating at global chain restaurants such as Starbucks or Macdonalds is a habit of tourists – travelers search for more local choices

3. Riding / Petting animals 

The Internet is full of photos with tourists who ride elephants, swim with captured dolphins or petting chained monkeys.  Travelers know the cruelty behind that and choose wisely not to spend their money to the people who own these animals with a hope to (someday) stop this exploitation.

4. Stick out instead of Blend in 

Tourists usually stick out from the crowd by the way of their behavior & choices. Travelers try to blend in with the locals in order to feel as much as possible the vibes of a place.

5. Walking on the main roads

Tourists always choose the ”safe” path of the main roads. Even in places which consider safe, tourists prefer to stick with the routine of the main roads instead of exploring local neighborhoods and interact with local people – something that Travelers always searching for.

I am not a Travel police, neither my intentions are to make people feel bad about their travel chooses.

But I am convinced that most of the Tourists are not really familiar with the choices they have when they visit a foreign place, neither they realize the bad impact they are doing to the local community.

Travel safe, travel well, travel more ✌️



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