Parnitha – A Treasure in Athens City


Sometimes the most beautiful ”spot” is right next to you

Parnitha is a mountain located in Athens (approximately 20k from the center)

Its the same beautiful with snow or without

You can hike, climb, exercise, go for breakfast – lunch- dinner, enjoy a cup of coffee with a view, feed the deer, play games, take fantastic shoots… Parnitha is for everyone ! And I am super lucky cause my home is right next to it!

Parnith has 2 shelters which you can visit, Flabouri & Bafi  

Except for the traditional cuisine, you can arrange with both excursions, tours, even birthday parties!

◊Important info ◊

  • If you don’t feel like driving, there is always a choice of the teleferic (cable cars). They are free of charge & run very often
  • Winter time, always have with you car chains, as the road can be tricky on the upper part.
  • Try to have with you some snacks & some extra clothing in case you will need them.
  • If it’s your first time visiting, contact shelters mention above and organize a tour with them. In that way, you will enjoy it more


photos were taken by Vladimiros Poliakov



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