Dubai – The Palm Paradise

Most of the people who travel to Dubai don’t have in mind the words peace & paradise.

What if I tell you that there is a place you can call paradise in Dubai, and it’s as beautiful as you see it in pictures


The Palm Jumeirah

You will get the feeling as soon as you reach the bridge that connects the Palm to the city

So many activities and places to visit that you won’t want to leave the palm, ever!

It’s like you traveled to another Town, away from the crowd and noisy places of Dubai. And its just 15 minutes away from downtown.

White sand full of thousands kind of seashells

People are happy here. Walking around with their swimsuits & listening to chill music at their balconies.

 Barefoot all day long !!!

Getting in a nostalgic mood sitting in one of the floating bridges


Magnificent Sunrises, Sunsets & night light views from your balcony, no matter which floor you are


When it comes to relaxation, The Palm is definitely the place you wanna be!


◊ Useful Info ◊

  • Most of the apartments/houses on the seaside at Palm Jumeirah have organized beaches and service at no extra cost.
  • Besides the hotels, there are a lot of beautiful places  available  at Airbnb &
  • There is a monorail station that connects the city with the Palm. The train runs every 11 minutes.
  • The Palm has nothing to be jealous of the restaurants of the town (Dubai).  Some of the award-winning  restaurants are located in the palm, such as Nobu & Ossiano
  • Leave your worries behind and enjoy the paradise!
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