Beirut – The next best thing

The ‘‘forgotten” city is back on the travel map

Trust me you will want to be the first to travel to a place that your friends have never been to.


I had two kinds of reaction when I told people that I am going to travel to Beirut, Lebanon.

The ones that see it as a challenge ( in a good thrilled way) as they haven’t even thought about it as a travel destination, and the ones who haven’t got past seeing it as a war zone ( especially older people, members of my traditional Greek family)

For me, Beirut is like a raw diamond, with multiple colors.

In Beirut Mosques and churches – there are around 18 official religions in Lebanon – are standing peacefully next to each other

High-end 5* Hotels 

Rooftop of Legray hotel

Modern architecture next to old-full of history and pain buildings

Rooftop of Legray hotel

Beirut is fast reinventing city which is  not defined by the conflicts of the past

Rooftop of Legray Hotel

November in Beirut – Feels like summer to me

Beach club ”Lazy B”
Beach club ”Lazy B”

Sporting beach club

The Raouché

Eating traditional Lebanese food at  the heart of Beirut

Leila Restaurant

Zaitunay Bay

Sunday bazaar
Sunday bazaar
Sunday bazaar
View from Harissa mountain


The first feeling I had when I reach Beirut was that it reminds me of Athens, after spending 6 days there, on my way back,  I realized that the word ”Athens ” was replaced with home.

-Yes, Lebanon is safe !!!

Leave your presumption at home, and you’ll find Beirut to be one of the most interesting and welcoming cities on Earth.



∴Be careful with∴

  • Traffic & crazy driving,  traffic lights mean nothing (yes crazier than Greeks )
  • Police & Army force, especially at the passport control,  they won’t bother you if you won’t bother them. Avoid taking pictures of them 
  • The traditional cuisine, if you are not used to spices
  • Don’t Get Into a Taxi Without Agreeing on a Price


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