48hours With (Super) Curly Hair

As a girl with straight hair, I always envy curly hair…

Of course, I was trying wavy hairstyles everytime I had the change ( my favorite hairstyle of all time!!!) but I never thought I could have a ”natural” of super curly hair so easily 🙂


All we needed was braids, a pencil & a hair straightener ( and a lot of hairspray )


the only filter that actually looked good

After a day

I enjoyed :

  • I looked more approachable (as a girl)! Guys were flirting with me way more than before. I was approached by 2 cute guys out of the blue into this 2 days when the average number is maybe one per month, and not even 🙈
  • People notice you, all the time !!! (Not sure I should put that on my enjoyed section or not)
  • You use way less makeup as half of your face is covered, and who need to make up with this kind of hair ??💁
  • In general, you feel more sexy, more playful, more fun! And it shows 🙂


Not so fun :

  • You cant wear hats ( but you also don’t want to so that not really a negative thing ) 🤠
  • Most of the filters (snapchat-insta) doesn’t look nice on you with this fluffy hair 👻
  • Your phone memory gets full with 100 selfies that look exactly the same but they are also different cause you have curly hair now 🙂
  • You cannot lay your hair anywhere, not to ruin the hairstyle as it can go back to straight easily
  • You find it difficult to eat-drink ( in public) as there is hair all over your face, and sometimes inside your mouth too
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